Our First Unofficial CC Blog Hop – Day 2

Christmas in July Blog Candy

Christmas in July Blog Candy! Remember to leave a comment!

Welcome back!  It’s day two of our Unofficial Crop Chocolate Blog hop! Once again, I am the final stop on our little journey.  If you have arrived here by chance and want to take a chance at winning some “Christmas in July” blog candy, make sure you go back and visit Rosalie at the beginning of our blog hop, and leave a comment at each stop along the way.  I will draw a name at random and send out this little stash that might help you get a head start on your Christmas crafts! And yes, I will be checking to see that you have shared the love with all the ladies who tried to inspire you today!

So, speaking of inspiration, what I have I got for you today?  Well, have decided to continue on my Glossy Accents trend this week!  So here is an actual video tip (I overcame my technical issues – I recharged the battery! ;)) on using this great product by Ranger Ink with a simple piece of scrapbook paper you might be using for a layout or card.

p.s. – Picked up this cute Sassafrass Lass Bungle Jungle paper at…you guessed it – CropChocolate

Oh, and check out this “extreme makeover” on some Recollections “Birdwatching” paper.

Recollections "Birdwatching" paper

Recollections "Birdwatching" paper pre extreme makeover

Paper Accented with GA

Recollections "Birdwatching" paper accented with Glossy Accents

How cool is that???

Well, I hope you enjoyed this idea and the blog hop along the way. Don’t forget to leave a comment below, and to check back on Monday to find out if you might be one of the lucky winners of our UnofficialCropChocolate Blog Hop blog candy!  Oh, and thanks to all my scrappy friends fromCropChocolate who posted ideas on your blogs over the last two days!  You all did a great job!


46 thoughts on “Our First Unofficial CC Blog Hop – Day 2

  1. I have never done a “blog hop” before – never even knew that this was even something that could be done. I have learned quite a bit and plan on returning to all the sites at a later time.

    I went to all the sites today so it was a lot of “hopping”!

    I now have a Goggle and Yahoo account (if that is what it is called) so I could leave comments on the different sites. So I even learned how to comment on blogs, too!

    Quite a learning experience today and I am so glad that I took the time today (with breaks in between to do some chores) to do this.

    What a great experience. Thank you to all who planned this!

    Ellen from cc


    • Wow Ellen! It sounds like today was filled with all sorts of new adventures! I appreciate you taking the time to visit and to comment! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and try not to do too many more chores!

  2. Yay for learning new tricks from all you pro’s!!! Thanks for doing the video.. this looks like a great way to spice up some of my papers.

  3. thanks for the tips on the glossy accents, I really need to use mine more. Thanks for all the work with the blog hop, I hope I did them correctly one of the stops didn’t have a link for the next so I followed the others

  4. Thanks for more glossy accents fun….love it!! I tried to hop today, but BritK wasn’t up? Anywho…found who I could….and enjoyed it all!!

  5. I have a bottle of the stuff but never used it. I’m so excited to gloss up some of my paper!

    Xanthippe from CC

  6. OK so now I am officially on the hunt for Glossy Accents!! You are quite the professional demonstrator – very impressive 🙂 Thank you so much for putting this hop together. I had to do two days worth all today but it has been amazing and I have been so inspired by all the creativity and inspiration from each site. This has been so much fun and I hope you have enjoyed yourself too 🙂 -Kiwi

    • Hey Kiwi!! I’m glad you’re excited about GA!! I’m going to do one more demo on Monday so hopefully you will come back to see!

      As for the blog hop, I am glad you enjoyed it and were inspired along the way! I had fun too! Take care fellow Canuck convert! 🙂

  7. LOVE the video & the “transformation” pics…that’s pretty distictive!

    Also…thanks for organizing the blog hop…I wasn’t able to leave comments on all the sites because if “anonymous” wasn’t an option it wasn’t gonna happen…my google account WOULD NOT cooperate!! >:| I checked them all out, though & tried to leave comments on all…unable to comment on three today & at least one on Friday. 😦

    HAPPY 4th! 😀

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