This time I did “Win some!”

A few weeks back, someone posted a link to an online giveaway for a great prize pack from Pink Paislee.   It was a great pack, including some coordinating mists from Tattered Angels.  So I hopped on over to Northridge Publishing’s blog “Create” and stopped dead in my tracks.  Over 1000 people had already left comments in hopes of winning the pack.  Given my ever optimistic attitude, I figured there was no point in adding my name to the ever growing list.  But for some reason I did, never bothering to check back to see if I was “the one”.

So you can imagine my surprise when I recieved an email this week from Teresa, the Director of Social Media at Northridge Publishing wondering why I hadn’t yet contacted them with my mailing information for the Pink Paislee prize pack.  SAY WHAT????  I actually went back to the site a few times just to make sure I wasn’t just reading one of those “Dear sir…you have won 1,000,000 dollars” emails, and indeed, there was my name and message among 1200 others, highlighted as the winning comment!

So, once the Canada post situation get’s sorted out, the dilemma begins…what to make (or which parts do I hang on to forever and ever without using because their are just too pretty to crack open). Anyone have any ideas?

Remember to check out the Northridge Publishing blog every week for Giveaway Fridays – there may be a lot of people posting, but you really could be the one walking away with a handful of goodies!  Go check it out today!!!


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