So “Fortune-ate” to have you! A Video Tutorial

Paper fortune cookies

So today is a big day for me!  Last month, I entered the design team challenge over at Crop Chocolate, and today is the day that my design is featured!  More importantly, it is the first time that I have put together a video tutorial for you all on a project that I created!  I can’t wait to see what you all think!

So, the theme for the project was “All About {You}”, and since I hate doing anything about myself, I decided to use my hubby as my {you}!  Now having said that, I did incorporated a bunch of things that I love, including Chinese food, fortune cookies with TWO fortunes and blue scrapbook paper, but the real focus of the project was to show my guy All the things I appreciate about you!”.

So "fortune-ate" to have you!So the result is this little takeout container and 6 fortune cookies each containing a message or two explaining all the things I appreciate about him.  In reality, I could have written many more things for him, but I don’t want his head to get too big! 🙂  So, you will need at least 3 pieces of double sided 12X12 paper (I used Fancy Pants “Like Father Like Son” collection), some brads or eyelets, ribbon and embellishments.  I also put together a Takeout Container template in PDF format that you can use on 12X12 paper.  Other than that, you just need a little bit of glue to go with all the paper! 😉    Oh, and the video on how to put it all together:

So what do you think of the project and video?  Should I post more of these little diddies here for you?  Oh, and let me know if you make a version of this project – I would love to feature links to your work here!  Leave me a comment below…it’s been quiet here lately (I’m feeling lonely), so I would love to hear from you!


3 thoughts on “So “Fortune-ate” to have you! A Video Tutorial

  1. I can’t believe it’s your first video attempt – it’s so professional! You did such an all-around fabulous job on the project! You should be proud! 🙂 And yes, I’m inspired to make this!

  2. I love the project you made for me! It is very special. You forgot to mention to everyone that they need to fill the boxes with m&m’s as well… Amazing job on the video too. I think even I could make one of these!

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