You Win Some…

A few weeks ago, I got brave and decided to enter a project I had made into an online contest.  I lost – didn’t even place in the top five!  But the positive feedback I got from people on the site helped me to realize that whether or not the project “won”, it was an idea that others we excited about, and a tradition they might look at doing with their families.  More importantly, it was something fun that I was adding to my own family traditions – memories my little gals would hopefully take with them to adulthood.

Tooth Fairy WandsSo what exactly was the project?  Well, I decided to use Making Memories products to create Tooth Fairy wands for my girls (shhhh…don’t tell them).  When they lose their first tooth, I am going to leave the wand beside their bed with their first treat, and a little note from the TF in the front pocket.  From that point on, when the girls lose teeth, they can place the tooth inside the little pocket on the front of the wand, say the little poem I wrote on the back, and leave them in a special spot in their room for the TF to find (it beats rifling around under their pillows especially since my first little one is the lightest sleeper in the world – and sharp a sharp cookie to boot!  She would bust me for sure)!

Tama's Tooth Fairy WandTo make the wands, I used Bravissimo rosettes and wands, and embellished with MM Pitter Patter paper for the star (cute at 5″) and for the pocket.  There are also some MM alphas on the front for the girls’ initials, and a cute pink MM metal flower. I also added some silver ribbon to tie the wand toegther with the rosette.

Here’s the poem I wrote for the back:

When a little tooth falls out
Wave your wand and give a shout,
“Fairy, fairy, come see me,
A hole inside my mouth you’ll see!
I have a tooth to trade with you,
For a little treat or two!”

Grace's Tooth Fairy WandSo while my little wands didn’t bring in a grand prize, it is really special to think that being brave enough to share them with others might mean that there will be another little person somewhere out there waving a wand and inviting the Tooth Fairy to come for a visit.  And in the end, the contest inspired me to create something special for my own family.  How could I possibly feel like a loser with that in mind (well for this project anyway! ;))?


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