Tag – You’re IT!

You are my sunshine

I’m not sure about all of you, but I seem to often find myself in a layout or card rut.  For awhile, I put together a series of paper projects that all have a similar feel, and before I know it, “I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling” for them!

So, it was really fun to participate in a game the other day on one of my favourite product websites Crop Chocolate.  It was scraplift tag!  Essentially, one participant chose a layout and created a page.  That layout was then sent to the next person who then used it to create a new layout.  This little 12X12 page, created with some regular cardstock and the Sassafrass Nerdy Bird line, was my creation!  The sun shape was inspired by a couple of circles on the layout that I received.  It reminded me of a sunrise, and inspired this page.  It’s little gal #1, and the page was to commemorate her favourite song – You Are my Sunshine (she stops crying every time we sing it – even in our lousy voices!)

So this got me thinking…What other ways do you use to find inspiration for projects?  I know that I have picked up magazines now and again, and I have spent some time checking out other’s blogs, but what are some fun ways you know to find new ideas?


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