How much is too much?

I have big news this week – it’s my little girl’s first birthday!  So to help commemorate her special day, I figured I better get out the Cricut and start creating.  I decided to try to tackle a really simple pop up card and found a really easy design that allows you to simply have one piece on the inside raise up when you open the card. Given my little one’s nickname, I decided to use the cute pandas from the Pagoda cartridge, some really bright colors and my favourite comical font from the Robotz cartridge. I figured it would be a good theme to carry over into her picnic this Sunday too – perhaps some more napkin rings are in order!

So, after about an hour and a half of careful cutting (on the part of my E), and many glue covered fingers, I decided to share my finished creation with my hubby. I was a bit surprised when he looked at it and said, “Wow, she’s not even going to open it.”  After I got over the initial shock of hearing this from my usually  supportive and encouraging partner, andexplaining to him that the comment had stung, I got to thinking – was the almost two hours of work on this card really worth it?  My little gal is only one, and not only does she not have a sense of what a card is for, she doesn’t even know what a birthday is all about (after all, she doesn’t have a lot of experience with these celebrations – yet! ;)).  So was my hubby on to something with his comment?

When I think back to the projects I have worked on in the last couple of months (and probably beyond that too – but who can remember that far back!!!:), I think in many ways, I have completed them asmuch for me as I have for the other person.  I really enjoy the crafting process – it’s a great creative outlet for me, and I get a sense of satisfaction from a completed project that is “just right” for the person I have in mind when I am creating it.  The truth is – I love seeing the other person’s face when they open up the surprise and realize it was made just for them.

So, even though my little gal may not “get” the whole birthday card, the fun I had making this card, and the time I got to spend thinking about her and making choices I thought she would enjoy makes this project well worth it!  And who knows, maybe one day when my little girl is old enough to understand the card, she’ll look back at it and smile.  How great would that be?!


3 thoughts on “How much is too much?

  1. I think it is a really great card! You can save it in her baby book and when she is older she will really appriciate the time you took to make it!

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