Ode to the Fairies!

Welcome to the Cricut Fairy Blog Hop!

I am happy to say that I am a brand new Cricut Fairy!  No – this doesn’t mean that I go around handing out free Cricut machines to deserving folk (wouldn’t that be nice!), or that I pop in to homes in the middle of the night to wisk away dull blades and replace them with some loose change or a cartridge or two (so please do not go putting Circut blades under your pillows!!!)!  The fairies are a group of crafters who send homemade cards out to people based on requests sent in by family and friends (if you would like more information on how to become a fairy or to request cards, check out Crystal’s blog – she is one of our mission commanders).    I am hoping though, that after a few missions completed, I might find myself in possession of a pretty wand, or perhaps a fancy set of wings – or maybe a new pair of shoes (do fairies wear fancy shoes???!!!  They should!!!)

So what better way to celebrate the fairies then by posting a project that I created for one of the recent missions.  This little card was inspired by a young girl who just became a new big sister, but it was also inspired by the Cricut Fairies themselves.  I used my favourite cartridge – Paper Doll Dress Up, and with a few suggestions from this little gal’s mom (she loves yellow and anything girlie), my Ode to the Fairies was created. Now if only I was a poet!


Fairy – cut at 4 1/2″ from Paper Doll Dress Up “Pixie”
Flowers (for inside) – cut at 2″ from Paper Doll Dress Up (Pixie – accessory 3) in green, yellow and pink and then layered
White wings – Cut ay 4 1/2″ from Paper Doll Dress Up “Angel”
Gold, yellow and patterned pink paper for card
Bright pink thin ribbon
Small Glitter stickers for crown, waistband, wand and card accent

This was a simple layer and then glue together project, but I hope this little fairy brings a smile to your face!

Blog Hop Information:

Thank-you for taking the time to come and visit my blog!  If you are ready to continue your journey and visit a few more fairies, check out Nicole’s blog at http://nicolestorch.blogspot.com.  If seem to have lost your way, head on back to Crystal’s blog so she can help to set you straight – http://crystalscraftycreations.blogspot.com.  Or, if you would like to head back to the blog that got you here, you can find Lynne at  http://scrapthiscraftthat.blogspot.com.  Have fun hopping!


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