Week #4 – Happy Canada Day!

Today’s post is a special one for me!  Not only does it mark the end of my first month on this adventure (I actually made it four weeks and I’m still scrapping) , but it is Canada Day!  If you hadn’t noticed from the name of my blog, I am actually a proud Canadian – in fact, I was  born and raised in the city of Calgary, Alberta (the great mountain town of Banff is close by).  I still call Calgary home, and really do love living here – mountains and beautiful foothills to the west, and gorgeous prairie to the east.

Although there are many fun and fabulous places to visit in Canada, one of the events here in my home town is our annual Calgary Stampede which starts next Friday.   So when Jess from The Canadian Paper Trail invited me to come up with a craft for our  Canada Day blog hop – I thought I would combine the two events and try to come up with something fun.  So here they are!

These little cowpoke are actually magnets that are attached to napkin rings that I recycled from and old paper towel roll.  With a little flag in hand, I think they make a cute and patriot addition to my BBQ plans!  I can actually take them off to give tomy guests to use as magnets on their fridge, andthen I can even reuse the ring again.  Simply create a different embellishment with my handy dandy Cricut, and I could be a regular magnet making machine! Everyone will want to attend a ScrappyCanuck BBQ (until they taste my cooking anyway).

So here we go – the recipe (for the rings, not the BBQ):

You will need one paper towel ring to create about 8 rings (if you don’t have a paper towel ring, why not use a toilet paper roll – who will know ;)), scrap paper and ribbon, glue and in this case, the Paper Doll Dressup Cartridge from Provocraft.  If you do want to add the magnet feature, you will also need one magnet per ring, and some scrap magnetic material (I used a metal washer from my DH’s tool kit – he was nice enough to share with me).

Simply cut the paper towel roll into 1 inch chunks.  Using an 81/2″ X 11″ sheet of cardstock, cut vertical strips 2″ wide.  Center the strip on the roll, wrap around and glue in place. I left a slight gap where the pieces of paper would meet so my magnet would be a bit stronger.  Cut slits in the cardstock down to the paper towel roll, fold over and glue to create a finished edge.  The you can add some decorative ribbon to finish off the ring.

The next step is to create your paper doll.  I cut my characters from Paper Doll Dressup at 2 1/2″.  Turn  each over and glue on a rare earth magnet (you will need a fairly strong magnet). On the inside of each roll, glue a  metal washer (on the inside of the overlap of my paper).  Put your characters on to the roll and you are all done!

So what do you think?  Are these little guys and gals worthy of a celebration?

If you came here on the Canada Day blog hop, your next stop is Martha’s blog .

If you did not come here on the hop but would like to join, consider starting with our first team member Ami.  Make sure to add comments and become a follower of the blogs if you liked the ideas.  You might even find some prizes along the way!  Yahoo!


8 thoughts on “Week #4 – Happy Canada Day!

  1. Hey Everyone!

    Thanks for the positive feedback – I am glad you liked them. I was supposed to bring them over to my mom’s for the BBQ and would you believe I forgot them at home! Ugghhhh! We were busy building flower beds all day and it completely slipped my mind. Now I really will have to switch out the embellishment and make a new set – maybe for my little girl’s first birthday next weekend! 🙂

    • What great napkin rings! I’ve never thought to make anything like this – but think I’ll be giving it a go in the future!! Great job!

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