Week #3 – It looked like my E had thrown-up!

When I first got my Expression, one of the things I was most excited about was being able to do lettering!  I have to admit that in the past, I have gone a bit overboard on purchasing Thickers, so having my E seemed like it was going to solve one of my eternal scrapbooking dilemmas – a drawer full of lettering but never anything to match ! 🙂

So I was really excited at the prospect of putting together a 12X12 layout for my little girl’s scrapbook highlighting all of the cute nicknames we have had for her in her first  year. When I sat down to make my list (a list that I somehow started and lost at least 3 times…I really need to clean up my scrapbook area), I was surprised to find that we had 9 nicknames that we used regularly.  This was certainly a job for my E!  I used the Robotz font to cut out white letters at 3/4″ and used the shadow function to create a green border around each of the 100 or so letters.  Before I knew it, I had a table full of lettering and 2.5hrs of work behind me.

But then I hit a snag – when I put all of those letters down on the layout, it looked like my E had thrown up all over the page!  I almost cried!  Okay, I did.  The little “Tama Bear” paper doll I had created using my Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge was so cute, and she just got completely lost in the mess of letters.  The last thing I wanted to do was get rid of the vowels and consonants  I had spent so much time creating, but there was no way it was going to work.  So the next morning, after I had recovered from the horror of it all, I used the cutout letters for our two favourite names and simply journaled about the rest.

And what did I do with the MANY leftover letters?  You guessed it – they went into my overflowing drawer of Thickers!


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