Week #2 – Always at the last minute!

There is definitely something to be said for getting projects done well ahead of time.  There doesn’t seem to be the last minute stress involved when things don’t go quite as planned, and there is always time to give a project a little makeover if it still seems to be missing that certain something!  I love a good makeover!

But that also seems to be the problem with getting things done ahead of time.  You see, I was so incredibly proud of myself for having a frame for my hubby finished and ready to go a week before I actually needed it.  In fact, I even blogged about the frame in my first week here!  But that little crafty frame (no pun intended) haunted me every time I opened my scrap drawer – staring me down with a look in it’s eyes that said “you can do better than this lettering!”.  I tried to ignore it’s taunts, but the night before my husbands birthday, I caved.  And there I found myself, pulling letters off and cutting new ones at the very last minute.  AGAIN!

So here are the two frames – the before and after.

So the big question is this… Am I just destined to be a last minute crafter?


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