Week #2 – Lemonade

Well, since I mentioned in one of my Cricut Messageboard post sthat I thought the Robotz cartridge would get easier to work with each time I used it, I thought I better give it another go.  I had another birthday card to make last week for my brother, so I thought it would be a good chance to see if I could figure out all those layers once and for all!  I decided to try out Robot 33 (pg. 60) mostly because this little guy reminded me of my brother (but please don’t tell him I said that! :)).  Using the sample project as a guide, I thought that if I followed the color guideline there for this robot, I should be all set.  Not quite…

I think part of the problem was that I used the same color for the robot cut and the “shift” robot cut.  His body and appendages were then the same color, which is okay except that they layer directly on top of one another and then they kind of get lost.  In the picture, the arms, legs and neck (which is the <robot33-s> cut is a darker, and that’s probably a good way to go.  So much for my efforts to be efficient and do two cuts at once! 🙂

The good news was that I ended up using all of my extra cuts as embellishments on the card (hence all the extra polka dots).  I guess the old saying is true – when you cut out lemons on your cricut, make lemonade!


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