Week #2- The pantry is a MESS now!

One of the “simple” projects I decided to tackle last week was a “Happy Birthday” banner for my DH.  I figured that I could whip one of these up in no time!  And actually, it wasn’t too bad.  I raided the pantry and pulled out all of the cereal boxes I could get my hands on for the backing of each letter.  The pantry is a bit of a mess now with cereal everywhere, but what can I say – we have to be willing to sacrifice for our hobbies right!!!???  I went through the piles of patterned paper I have and picked two coordinating patterns for the main part of the letters, and then chose 5 coordinating solid colors for the shadows.  Once I figured out my alternating patterns and colors, I was all set to go! Out came my Opposites Attract cart, my E set at 7″, and in about an hour, I was all smiles!

That was until I tried to figure out how to use those pesky eyelets! Yup -I’m a newbie with these too!  I have to admit that I cracked the paint off of many of them (a little too much “gusto” and not a soft enough surface), but with the ribbon, you can’t really tell!  I struggled to figure out how to attach the stars (where to put those tricky eyelet holes), but my clever hubby told me just to put something on the back and attach them that way.  I thought that was a great idea, and then decided to take it one step further  – by making them removable too!  Now I can reuse the banner for each member of my family, but change out the little shapes to make it more personal for each.


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