Week #2 – I’ve worn myself out!

Well, I have really done it this time!  Only two weeks into this whole adventure and I am worn out!  I had no idea it was possible to be “scrapped out”, but in case you were wondering, here are the symptoms:

  • A slight twitch of the hand when trying to glue together small embellishments or layers on circuit cuts
  • A noticeable head twitch at the mere mention of an upcoming, birthday, anniversary or special event
  • A loss of interest in a once spectacular love of coordinated patterned paper
  • Vivid dreams of being chased by neglected paper punches and rubber stamps.

Yes -it’s true!  This newbie bit off more than she could chew in the last couple of weeks.  But today is new start right…well, once I finish my post about last week’s projects anyway! 😉


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