Week #1 – A “love/hate” project

When I received my bug as a gift, the first cartridge I just “had to have” was Robotz!  But I thought robots were supposed to make my life easier (oh wait, that’s “robots” not “Robotz).  The truth of the matter is simply this – this cartridge might be a little bit tricky at first, but are these cute little guys every worth it!

I decided to tackle my first cutout as part of a Father’s Day Card for my husband.  It’s his first Father’s Day, so I wanted the card to be something cute and fun and I couldn’t think of a better place to start.  I got out my handy handbook, picked a robot and then stared blankly at the cutouts for what seemed to be a very long time.  What exactly were all of these little pieces?  I decided to bit the bullet and start cutting things out.  I have to admit that it took me a few cuts to get things right – the multiple layers on the Robotz can make it a bit of a challenge to figure out.  I did realize at one point that if I followed the different colors in the handbook, it seemed to get me on the right track.  Out came my Zig glue pen (I love these things!!!!), and in about an hour, I gave life to my first Robot!

From there, I decided to add some text at 2 different sizes (well – that was the plan – of course I forgot to set my size adjustment and ended up swearing at my bug for not listening to me until I sheepishly realized it was operator error), and then cut the edge of the card to get a bit more texture.  Finally, I decided the white paper was too plain, so I cut the card apart, rounded the corners and glued my creation onto orange paper.  An VOILA!

Of course, after struggling through the card, I went online to the Cricut Messageboard to see if anyone had any tips and tricks for the cartridge.  One person mentioned that it’s a good idea not to cut the robot smaller than 5″ so the little embellishments are easier to work with (oh, so now you tell me!).  If you’re working with this cartridge for the first time, I think that is really good advice, although I do think that with a bit of practice (and once you figure out where the different cutouts go) the sky is really the limit.

Here’s the best news of all!  As I was sitting at my computer last night reading my latest version of the Chirp, I realized that this little card – my first attempt – had been highlighted from the messageboard!  Check it out – there are a bunch of other beautiful Father’s Day Cards too!

So there we have it – I did do a bit of grumbling while I was making this card, but I love the way it turned out, and will not hesitate to try another robot soon!


9 thoughts on “Week #1 – A “love/hate” project

  1. Nice card. Welcome to the world of Cricut. It’s a lot of fun. Mind if I borrow your idea? Instead of an Expression, I might do this with my new Cricut Cake. Let me know.

    A suggestion for you, try the Quickstick tool. It helps you grab those little pieces, I just got one myself this week and after all these years of making cards and assembling pieces, I’m amazed at how much easier that little tacky bit makes piecing.


    • Absolutely – use the idea! I would love to see what you come up with!

      As for your tool suggestion, I am off to check it out now. I have never heard of it, and am eager to get my “sticky” hands on it! Thanks for taking the time to respond to the post and leave a suggestion!

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