Week #1 (actually, week 2) – Already have an excuse

Okay, as you can see by the date, I am behind in my first project post.  But I have an excuse – really! 🙂  It isn’t that I didn’t get around to making anything.  It is simply that once I got going, I just couldn’t stop.  I am not sure if this is like a crafting addiction, but I went from being frozen in fear to on fire with excitement!  The project count for last week – 4 cards and one frame.

I do have a confession to make though – I seriously considered not sharing the mother load of projects I managed to complete, and just keeping a couple of them in my back pocket for a “rainy week” (if you know what I mean).  But I realized that there is no point in taking on my 52 week challenge if I’m not going to give it a real shot.  So, here they all are:

Project 1: Wedding Card

I created this little wedding card using my Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge, a bit of paper and ribbon and thats about it!  I think I am in love with this cartridge.  Not only was I able to come up with two cute little characters to adorn the front, but I was also able to personalize them so they actually look like the bride and groom.  At first, I cut the characters at 4″, but realized quickly that this was a bit large if I want to fit two on the front.  So the final decision was to go with 2 1/2″.  I think they make a cute couple, don’t you (the real couple were even cuter in person – they got married on Saturday).

Project 2 &3 – A couple of Wild Cards

The next two cards were ones I created for Father’s day and for my hubby’s birthday.  This was a chance for me to play a bit with the Wild Card cartridge.  They are both pretty simple – more about the message than the design, but I think both of them pop!  The funny thing about these cards was that I kept coming back to them over three days and adding more embellishments.  They seemed naked (can I say that???) somehow, but I think I am happy with the way they turned out!

Project #4 – Sea Glass Frame
The last picture here is of a little wooden frame I managed to pick up at Michael’s.  Last year, my husband and I were in St. Croix on a business trip (tough assignment don’t you think).  We spent a bunch of time on the beach picking up sea glass and shells, and I couldn’t figure out just what to do with them.  After seeing this little guy from Everyday Paper Dolls (have I mentioned that I love these paper dolls???!!!), I was inspired to put together a little frame for him.  Now I just have to find a picture from our adventure to put in there!

So there you have it – I have one more project from last week to share with you, but it deserves its own post!

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