Chick it out!


I have a little more Easter fun to share with you today!  I love putting together little treat containers for the holidays, and when I found pastel coloured candy corn at Bulk Barn, I knew I had to pull something together.  Last year, I worked on a fun, bunny take out container, so this year, I thought it would be fun to create a chick!


Now, I cannot tell you how easy these are to make.  In fact, if you take the cover by itself, you could have fun packaging in Easter-themed colours in less than 3 minutes each!  Really!  Chick it out! ;)

Step 1



Start by cutting a strip of paper that is 12″ x 4″ wide.  I used DCVW’s Bohemian Sunrise stack for this one – it has all sorts of great colours for Easter!
Oh, and you can actually take the 4″ width and change that to match any little plastic bag that you would like to use for your treats! If you would like, cut a curve on one end (I just did this free hand).

Lay your strip on the scoring board with the curved end on the far end of your board.  Score at 4 1/2″, 5 1/2″, 10″.  Use your scoring tool to firm up all your folds.

Step 2


Turn over your paper to the wring side, and line up the top of your treat bag with the non- curved edge. Staple in place. Don’t worry about seeing the staples as they will get covered in the next step.

Step 3

Side view


This is the easiest step! Simply fold your packaging around the treat back, pulling the curved edge up on over top of the staples.

Step 4


Use a small strip or piece of adhesive to hold the flap down.  I use the Tombow adhesive because even though it hold really well, the small piece will release when pulled up without ripping the paper part.

Step 5


Have fun embellishing your packaging!  I turned them into chicks with some simple shapes cut from some orange patterned paper, and then adding some little wings (they actually look really cute without the wings too). I also decided to add some fun May Arts ribbon to a few!


All in all, I think these cute little chicks will be a fun Easter treat! Hopefully they inspire you to get crafty!


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Spring into Easter


The other day, I was thinking about playing with some of the great textured papers from DCWV, included the fun printed cork and the beautiful coloured burlap sheets.  I figured that an Easter banner would be a nice way to brighten up these dreary spring days, but I figured that if I put in all that work, it was a shame to only be able to have it up for a couple of days.  Then it hit me – why not make a double sided banner?!


In fact, “SPRING” and “EASTER” turned out to be the perfect match! :)  I did play with the patterns a bit – using the same pattern in different colours for the Easter side, and mixing up the patterns for the Spring side.  I also embellished each side a bit differently just for some variety.


Just a note – when I first envisioned this banner, I had actually planned to add a few 3D flowers.  But as I started creating, I realized that because the banner was double sided, I really needed to keep both sides quite flat so the banner would hang properly.  I am actually really glad that I went clean and simple.  There is so much great texture going on with these supplies, and I think it really keeps that at the forefront.  And anyway, spring here in Canada is pretty bare bones, so it works well! ;)

Well, that’s it for me!  I promised Easter projects and I do have more for you (including a cute little treat container), so be sure to come by again this week!

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Live, Laugh and Love


When I create home decor projects, I really love it when they have a special message – something inspirational that reminds me how best to live my life.  So today, I thought it would be fun to share one of these projects; a little wall hanging piece created with some of the fun mdf letters from Domestic Bliss Home Decor collection, and some fun papers from the DCWV’s Honey Chic stack.

I thought I would show you some quick pictures that show how I went about covering the letters with paper.  There are all sorts of different ways to decoupage, but since I was working with a font that was rather thin, I wanted to be as precise as possible.  Here’s how I tackled covering the letters:

Step 1 – Decide on you paper


This is the fun part for me!  Decide which patterns  you would like to use for your letters, and make sure you will have enough of the pattern to cover your letters!  Laying out the letters on top of the patterned paper can help you figure out if one 12×12 sheet will be enough.

Step 2 – Apply adhesive on front of letters???????????????????????????????

Using a liquid adhesive, cover the letters ensuring that there is glue over the entire surface, especially along the edges.  More is better than less!

Step 3 – Adhere to the paper


Take flip over your letters and press them down on the WRONG SIDE (or back side) of the paper. If your words are in pieces like mine were, place them down as you would like to see them to keep the patterns consistent.  Place a heavy object on top and allow to completely dry! Try to be patient and wait – it will make the next step easier!

Step 4 – Cut a rough outline???????????????????????????????

Using a pair of scissors, cut a rough outline in the paper around your letters.  This will get rid of excess paper and will make it easier to fussy cut in step 5.

Step 5 – Cut around your letters???????????????????????????????

Making sure you are working on a cutting mat, run the blade of an utility knife along the edges of your letters. Be careful with your speed – too fast and you may not cut all the way through the paper; too slow and you may actually catch the wood with your knife.

Step 6 – Recut corners

Flip over your letters and recut any corner that may have been missed on your first pass.  I like to do this with the paper side up as I can actually see the sections that need to be recut.  I can also use the empty space behind to my advantage – just remember not to press to hard.

Step 7 – Embellish

And the fun continues!  Embellish with fussy cut flowers (I cute some from the patterned paper in the Honey Chic stack) or ribbons or even buttons!  Hang and enjoy!

Well, that’s it for me today!  I hope you have time to get a bit crafty!  Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by!

Birthday fun – Part 2

DressHaving two little girls in the house is a lot of fun, and there is no end to the crafty inspiration – especially around birthday time!  Today, I am so excited to share Part 2 of G’s birthday celebration – all projects inspired by a trio of amazing ribbons from May Arts Ribbon!

When I first decided to focus on an “underwater” theme for G’s party, I hit the May Arts website for some inspiration.  There are a lot of directions you can go with underwater colours, but as soon as I came across WK34 – 1.5 Inch Grosgrain Variegated Stripes in turquoise and orange, I knew I had the perfect pallete to pull together G’s love of Nemo with underwater colours!

The first project I focused on was a little wrap dress based on a Burda pattern, but with altered sleeves.

Dress (2)



I love that this dress is fun, but not overly girly.  G is the kind of girl who loves pink as much as she loves cars, so frilly just doesn’t seem to suit her.  Originally, I had planned to go with a long sleeved dress (it is early spring in Canada after all), but I think the cap sleeve is adds a bit more of the “playful” to this birthday dress. The grosgrain ribbon created the perfect waistband for this dress, tying together the coloured of the fabric with the colours on the applique.


Next, I wanted to create some party hats.  Party hats are so easy to create – simple trace a large circle (I used a large dinner plate), cut it in half, and twist it into a cone (a glue gun comes in handy).  From there, it’s just about embellishing the hat in all sorts of fun ways!


Now, the truth of the matter is that while my two little gals love wearing party hats, we always have such a hard time keeping them on their heads.  So, I decided to team up these hats with headbands, simply using some scrap pieces of cardboard glued to the inside edge to hold the headband in place.


The ruffle was simply created by doubling the circumference of the hat and then using a hot glue gun as I gathered the ribbon around the base.  The top embellishment was simply the three inspiration ribbons stacked from wide to narrow and tied in a knot.  The wired ribbon was the perfect base, supporting the other ribbons, and allowing me to shape the embellishment so all ribbons could be seen.

Oh, and now that the party is over, I re-purposed the headbands with this flower so my daughter can wear it with the dress for the rest of the summer!


Candy-fish-full-1Last, but certainly not least, I used some of the orange wired ribbon to add some texture to that party favours.  I actually had my two little girls help me with this part – filling the tubes and holding the ribbon in place as I glued on the rosettes.  The ribbon adds just that little bit of extra whimsy that was so appropriate for the birthday of a three year old.  And the colour was the playful brightness that made this project as much of a centerpiece as it was a party favour!



So there you have it – a birthday party theme inspired by one little girl and some awesome ribbon from May Arts!  Thanks for stopping by!

Grace headband

Ribbons used: